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Product: 82400050 Scuba jacket "KLEEMANN", (men)
The black functional jacket made of recycled polyester is stylish in everyday life and practical in everyday work. The rubber patch gives the jacket a cool upgrade. Material: 94% polyester (24%recycled), 6% elastane
Content 1 pc
€66.10 / Piece

Product: 82400021 Keyring "machine", KLEEMANN
The key ring in the shape of the KLEEMANN machine is an absolute eye-catcher on every key ring.
Content 1 pc
€6.20 / Piece

Product: 82400022 Sunglasses "color", KLEEMANN
These timeless sunglasses are adorned on both temples by a discreet metal emblem in the WIRTGEN GROUP logo. Thanks to the colored glasses cleaning cloth in KLEEMANN look, you will always keep the right view.
Content 1 pc
€27.65 / Piece

Product: 82400025 Sticky notes, "KLEEMANN"
Content 1 pc
€3.35 / Piece

Product: 82400018 Paracord keyring "KLEEMANN"
The paracord keychain keeps your key in place thanks to a sturdy carabiner and key ring. The parachute cord can be unwound within 15 seconds in an emergency and then serves as a useful emergency rope. Whether for repairing equipment, as...
Content 1 pc
€6.05 / Piece
Coming soon!

Product: 82400016 Tin sign "KLEEMANN"
The tin sign in KLEEMANN design is a beautiful accessory and a real eye-catcher on any wall. Dimensions: 20 x 30 cm
Content 1 pc
€11.35 / Piece

Product: 82400023 Insulated mug Kingston, "KLEEMANN"
The double-walled thermal mug with copper vacuum insulation can be used from all sides thanks to the 360 degree drinking lid. By simply pressing on the lid, the drinking mechanism is unlocked and also closed leak-proof. The lid can be...
Content 1 pc
€18.00 / Piece
Coming soon!

Product: 82400024 Charging cable, "KLEEMANN"
The multi-charging cable with 6-pin cable for Apple®, Micro USB and USB-C devices lights up in the KLEEMANN logo as soon as a terminal device is connected for charging.
Content 1 pc
€9.50 / Piece

Product: 82400032 Drawstring bag Join "KLEEMANN"
The drawstring bag offers enough space for the most important everyday companions thanks to the spacious main compartment and the small, side zipper pocket. The thick drawstrings offer a comfortable feel. The chic print in KLEEMANN...
Content 1 pc
€9.30 / Piece

Product: 82400029 Waiter`s knife "KLEEMANN"
Open wine bottles with corks like a pro! The high-quality sommelier knife with KLEEMANN logo made of aluminum and stainless steel has a cap lifter, knife (foil cutter), spindle (corkscrew) and lever. The spindle is made of stainless...
Content 1 pc
€9.60 / Piece

Product: 82400026 Skin cleaner gel "Bumper", KLEEMANN
Hygiene is a significant topic in our daily life: we shake hands, count coins, touch door handles and use public transportations. We are used to take a snack-to-go and to cater us on route. In these situations the hand cleansing gel is...
Content 1 pc
€3.60 / Piece
Product: 82410076 Rainjacket
Windcheater in blue, waterproof, 2 pockets, Kleemann logo print on back and chest Material: 100 % nylon
Content 1 pc
€64.50 / Piece

Product: 82410029 Scale model MOBISCREEN MS 703 EVO (Conrad)
High-quality collectors' model from Conrad in scale of 1:50, die-cast zinc; triple-deck screen model with adjustable feeding conveyor and adjustable inclination of screenbox up to 30°, movable oversize grain conveyor, with movable...
Content 1 pc
€250.00 / Piece

Product: 82410000 Scale model MOBICONE MCO 9 EVO (Conrad)
High-quality collectors' model from Conrad in scale of 1:50 die-cast zinc; model with movable feeding conveyor, movable hopper crusher discharge conveyor with movable discharge conveyor Packed in printed box safe for transportation. New...
Content 1 pc
€200.00 / Piece

Product: 82400008 Model MSS 802(i) (NZG)
Our models are true to scale and true to the original models for adult collectors, not toys for children!
Content 1 pc
€195.60 / Piece

Product: 82400007 Model MC 110(i) EVO2 (NZG)
Content 1 pc
€126.10 / Piece
Product: 82410046 Polo shirt "Classic"
Polo shirt in anthracite with balloon and red details. Material: 70% cotton, 30% polyester, piqué Front: KLEEMANN logo
Content 1 pc
€28.45 / Piece

Product: 82410001 Umbrella
Blue and black umbrella, 14 mm cane with black soft grip, black plastic tip and black top, windproof, automatic mount, opens at the touch of a button, ø 115 cm with blue and black nn logo print. 66019920/CN
Content 1 pc
€18.50 / Piece
Product: 82410041 Functional double jacket
Multifunctional jacket 2in1 in anthracite with blue softshell inner jacket. Water column / breathability 10.000/10.00 KLEEMANN logo embroidery on breast pocket and hem. Material jacket: 100% nylon Material inner jacket: 95 % polyester, 5...
Content 1 pc
€239.90 / Piece

Product: 82410027 Hand Cleansing Fluid
Hand Cleansing gel, antibacterial for clean hands on one' way. 34013000/DE
Content 1 pc
€3.50 / Piece

Product: 82410009 Boot bag
Boot bag in black with blue details, carrying strap and window, incl. logo print. 42029291/CN
Content 1 pc
€11.95 / Piece

Product: 82410004 Pencil
Painted in blue with eraser and imprint with Kleemann logo and "GOOD IDEA + BAD IDEA" 96091010/CN
Content 1 pc
€0.70 / Piece

Product: 82400015 Folding Ruler
Either at home or at the construction site – wooden rulers are a useful support quite often when it comes to planning and measuring. The KLEEMANN- ruler will support you in an optimal way. Lenght: 2m 69111000/DE
Content 1 pc
€4.20 / Piece

Product: 82410031 Scale model crusher MOBICAT MC 120 Z PRO (Conrad)
High-quality collectors' model from Conrad in scale of 1:50, die-cast zinc; crusher model with moveable hopper, with rock chisle , with movable side discharge conveyor and many other details. Packed in printed box safe for...
Content 1 pc
€270.00 / Piece
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