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Product: 82200126 Backpack "WIRTGEN GROUP"
The WIRTGEN GROUP Rucksuck is packed with all kinds of practical features and compartments. The tickets go in the front zipper pocket. The magazine in the pocket. The water bottle ready to hand in the mesh pocket and the spacious main...
Content 1 pc
€27.45 / Piece
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50 %

Product: 82200125 Mug "Bauma 2022", WIRTGEN GROUP``
Content 1 pc
€5.85 / Piece €11.70 *
50 %

Product: 82200124 Beer mug "Bauma 2022", WIRTGEN GROUP
A real must-have at Bauma 2022 is the beer mug in WIRTGEN GROUP design. With a capacity of 0.5 l, no one will go thirsty here. The beer mug is dishwasher-safe.
Content 1 pc
€7.18 / Piece €14.35 *

Product: 82200114 Bag Splash "WIRTGEN GROUP"
You do not have to do water sports to learn to appreciate this 30 litre bag made of truck tarpaulin. Simply imagine you are on the way to the fitness centre and it starts to drizzle. It does not matter because your things are well...
Content 1 pc
€33.00 / Piece
Voucher 10 €

Product: 82200179 Voucher 10 €
Gutschein 10€
€10.00 / Piece

Product: 82200115 Watch "WIRTGEN GROUP"
Striking, masculine, stylish. The WIRTGEN GROUP watch with black dial impresses with its sophisticated white accents. But, appearance is not everything: with a stainless steel case, 5 ATM, black silicone strap and a dial with luminescent...
Content 1 pc
€122.50 / Piece
Voucher 50 €

Product: 82200060 Voucher 50 €
Voucher 50 €
€50.00 / Piece
Voucher 30 €

Product: 82200059 Voucher 30 €
Voucher 30 €
€30.00 / Piece
Voucher 15 €

Product: 82200058 Voucher 15 €
Voucher 15 €
€15.00 / Piece
Product: 82200163 T-shirt "Rough", WIRTGEN GROUP
This T-shirt scores with casualness and high wearing comfort. The cool print gives the T-shirt a special touch. Every WIRTGEN GROUP fan is well equipped with this T-shirt. Material: 100% cotton
Content 1 pc
€15.80 / Piece
Product: 82200155 Hoodie "Rough", WIRTGEN GROUP
This hoodie scores with casualness and high wearing comfort. The cool print gives the hoodie a special touch. With this hoodie every WIRTGEN GROUP fan is well equipped even on colder days. Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
Content 1 pc
€45.20 / Piece

Product: 82200110 Lunchbox "WIRTGEN GROUP"
Classic, practical, lightweight and sturdy. The cool lunch box is an absolute eye-catcher on every break table. The matte finish gives it a noble touch and the sliding step element makes the box absolutely practical. Material: aluminum
Content 1 pc
€22.10 / Piece

Product: 82200134 Metmaxx®LED Megabeam "WIRTGEN GROUP"
The small aluminum worklight with COB work light is super handy and still provides maximum visibility. COB technology, splashproof / overvoltage protected, magnetic base, clip, 1 AAA batteries.
Content 1 pc
€6.50 / Piece

Product: 82200118 Umbrella "WIRTGEN GROUP"
From the outside a simple black pocket umbrella, the WIRTGEN GROUP logo appears in elegant tone-on-tone print on the outside. For the wearer of the umbrella hides a real highlight on the inside of the umbrella. The colorful WIRTGEN GROUP...
Content 1 pc
€30.20 / Piece

Product: 82200127 Sports bag "WIRTGEN GROUP"
Many colors, three materials, many functions: the sporty WIRTGEN GROUP sports bag is fun. Chic: the dynamic cut and the combination of subtle colors. Different materials support the effect of this skillful combination. Practical: the...
Content 1 pc
€39.50 / Piece

Product: 82200138 Lanyard "WIRTGEN GROUP"
Lanyard for your professional appearance at fairs and events. It has a snap hook as well as a safety lock and a buckle. Packaging unit: 25 pieces
Content 25 pc (€5.59 * / 1 pc)
€139.85 / PU

Product: 82200111 Multitool "WIRTGEN GROUP"
The high-quality RICHARTZ® multitool convinces with high precision, professional functions and excellent design. Each function can be easily and precisely locked and released at the touch of a button. This guarantees safety in every use!...
Content 1 pc
€23.05 / Piece

Product: 82200101 Cap "WIRTGEN GROUP", grey
Content 1 pc
€18.85 / Piece

Product: 82200100 Cap "Snapback", black, WIRTGEN GROUP
Although this cap appears very plain due to the tone-on-tone logo, it is an absolute eye-catcher, whether on the construction site or in leisure time. Material: 100% cotton
Content 1 pc
€10.00 / Piece

Product: 82200129 Sticky notes "WIRTGEN GROUP"
Content 1 pc
€3.35 / Piece

Product: 82200109 Stainless steel bottle "WIRTGEN GROUP"
Due to the large capacity of 1.5L of the vacuum stainless steel bottle you can be sure to always have enough drinking with you. The durable bottle keeps drinks up to 5h hot and 15h cold. Chic powder coated finish, cool WIRTGEN GROUP...
Content 1 pc
€31.65 / Piece

Product: 82200119 Ballpoint pen set "WIRTGEN GROUP", (Faber-Castell)
A special companion - fountain pen and biros in a set: with its special shape and feel, it brings completely new perspectives to creative writing, scribbling and designing.
Content 1 pc
€46.00 / Piece

Product: 82200120 Ballpoint pen "WIRTGEN GROUP", (Faber-Castell)
The design of this writing instrument impresses with its clarity and selected materials. Unadorned design combined with professional functionality distinguishes this slim biros. Barrel made of brushed precious resin End and front piece...
Content 1 pc
€49.00 / Piece

Product: 82200133 Waiter's knife "WIRTGEN GROUP"
Open wine bottles with corks like a pro! The high-quality sommelier knife with WIRTGEN GROUP logo made of aluminum and stainless steel has a cap lifter, knife (foil cutter), spindle (corkscrew) and lever. The spindle is made of stainless...
Content 1 pc
€9.60 / Piece
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